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Listen here kid *takes a long drag from a cigarrette* ain’t nobody heard from that there Homestuck fandom in years. They say most of em went crazy afta some freak accident or some shit with clowns *smashes cigarrette under foot* I hear they all skipped town, found new fandoms…. But there’s a few mad ones left in there I tell ya, and they’ll eat your face boy if you take a one damn step near em

Anonymous: What are some other world building or related blogs you would recommend?


Well…It will be a long list. Let’s see:

World Weaving - blog similar to mine. Answers questions and posts useful stuff.

Making Places - by Evan Dahm and several other people. Not active lately  but has a ton of useful information.

Worldbuilding School - exactly what the title says, also they have nice articles on maps.

Fictionfactor: World Building -loads of useful articles, though site specializes in writing and related.

Worldbuilder  - have some useful stuff and also some on DnD (Ghostwalk) session by owner of the blog

Other useful places:

Clever Girl Helps - writing, worldbuilding, research, random facts

Fuck Yeah Character Development

Fuck Yeah Critiques For Sue - on hiatus right now but has a lot of useful info, mainly a critique on original and fan characters.

Write World - has a lot of useful information about everything related to writing.

Fuck yeah forensics - useful information on forensics and other police stuff. Also they have a great list of recommended sources on  forensics, anthropology and other dead people stuff.

Fix your writing habits - tons and tons of useful information

Fiction writing tips - exactly what title says.

The Writers Helpers - they also can help with finding beta reader - check their navi section.

Daily character development

Writing questions answered - a lot of information, very well organized

Fuck yeah Character development - that’s a different blog, but they also have loads of great stuff, including personality tests.

Writing Weasels

The writing realm

Clever help

TWH-Forensics - help on wiriting forensics stuff

Reference for writers + and their master list of online sites and references

The Writing Cafe

Total Rewrite - warning: good blog but they have a very dark theme so it can be hard to read.


Queen Of The Mountains by Kipine